Committed socially

We are committed with the development economic of collective weak and the preservation of the environment.

We take care of the environment with the green stamp FSC

Artyplan has the certificate FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) that accredits our activities are realized in a respectful way with the environment and the purpose of consolidating our commitment for a responsible development.

The stamp FSC is promoted by a global, non-profit-making organization, which has for aim the permanently guarantee of management environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable with the forests of the whole world.

Social development with Special Olympics Catalonia

Special Olympics Catalonia is a sport association founded in 2005, which has as first aim to promote the practice of the sport and leisure activities to intellectual disability people.

For our company, it does not turn out to be a simple agreement of collaboration, but it supposes an authentic pride being able to give support to associations that bring over the good and the human development to the community.

Green Energy Certificate

Artyplan possesses the certificate of Green Energy Indexo that accredits that 100 % of the electrical consumption is of renewable origin or of high efficiency. The benefit of the contracting of Green Energy allows to the clean energies to gain area to other more intruder technologies with the environment, favouring the environment and helping to low the price of the energy.


Helping to help

This association works from 2001 to help vulnerable persons in risk of social exclusion, supporting projects of development in countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia, as well as in Spain (Barcelona and its metropolitan area). Thy attend the infantile population and their families, promoting a basic supply, health, housing and education.

Fundació El somni dels Nens

The Foundation El Somni dels Nens has as mission: make real dreams of children affected of cancer or other chronic or serious diseases. They contribute with a dose of illusion that help them to support a positive attitude during the treatment.

Palau de la Música Catalana

We are very proud to be patron of the Palau, helping to support the activities that are realized in this institution, and to form a part of one of the most genuine symbols of the culture of our country.


We are partners of this association that agglutinates familiar and local origin companies and brands of reference that we can bring together tradition and innovation. This is what we want to give to our clients, a differentiated offer of products and services, in a respectful environment of proximity.


When there is a premature birth, the newborn needs furthermore the parents and the contact skin to skin. Only in this way the baby rests, his breathing is constant and the recovery most effective. Therefore, it is truly pleasuring to collaborate with the campaign "With you like at home" that has born with the aim to transform the Neonatalogy of the Mother & Child Hospital Service of Val d'Hebron Hospital. In order that parents and newborn children feel as much as possible to be at home during the stay at the hospital, we are working to create comfortable spaces of conviviality, far from the sanitary facilities.

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